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Terra Moderna





Terra Moderna is the interiors division of Trademark Masons. Our absolute focus is on quality and service. We have developed a hard won reputation as a business that delivers to the very highest standard and our client list is a testimony to this. We work with people who share our passion for great design and who expect the best.

We manufacture in Ireland and have the design expertise to make sure our clients get the very most out of the stone they have chosen. With our management and design team having years of experience in the business we have developed manufacturing and fitting techniques that represent best practice in the industry. On every job that we work on we will not compromise on quality, but we do always strive to deliver great value to our clients as we turn their dreams into reality.

At Terra Moderna we hold lots of samples of different Marble, Granite and Onyx types, which we can courier to you at short notice or arrange a time for you to view at our showroom or manufacturing facility. But this variety just scratches the surface of what’s out there. Stone is endlessly varied and exciting new look stone is constantly being found and quarried. This means that no matter what your vision somewhere in the world there will be the stone that can help bring it to reality.

To keep on top of stone trends we visit international stone shows and maintain an extensive network of suppliers. We travel extensively to view stone at source and we only buy the very best for our customers. This is particularly important for projects which involve book or vein matching as the quality of the block is essential to getting the desired effect.